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    Slow speed ESXi 6.5 AHCI

    matteu Lurker



      I'm french, I don't speak very well english but I'll try to do my best !


      I installed fresh 6.5U1 vsphere on home computer for homelab.

      I used custom iso because i have realtek network card.


      I have issue with speed on my hard disk.


      If I plug my HDD on my computer and transfer a file to it (C drive to D drive) -> 140MB/s

      If I put this HDD on my ESXi 6.5 computer, format as VMFS 6 and create vmdk in W10 vm and test to copy file from C (on SSD datastore) to D -> 50MB/s


      I did a lot of test since yesterday, but can't find where is my issue...


      I tried to used legacy AHCI driver but same result. I don't know where to find...

      My storage controler is Intel cougar

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          matteu Lurker

          I would like to update this issue.

          I did some additionnal test :


          If i put my HDD RDM to one VM -> 150MB/s


          ====> ESX driver is not good for my storage controller ?

          I have Intel cougar 6


          Is there one solution to improve performance without use RDM disk ?


          Then, I would like to know if I buy a Supermicro motherboard X8XXX (1366 socket) :

          VMware SAS driver will be good ? storage driver ? Or I can have the same issue and slow disk performance ?

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            Configuring vSphere environment is highly not recommended since storage performance affected due to 7.2k RPM on local hard disks.

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