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    How to get rid of a stale entry for PSC

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      So i'm setting up multi-site PSC environment. There is a PSC and VC on Site-1 and another PSC and VC on the Site-2.


      The Site-1 installation was straight forward. Installed the OSC and joined the VC to that. While installing the second PSC we ran into some time sync issues and the installation failed. When I try to do the installation again, i can see that the entry for the site name of Site-2 is already present and is not letting me choose the option "create a new SSO site" with the same name. Both the Site-A and Site-B (Failed install) are showing under "Join an existing site" dropdown.


      My question is, how do i get rid of this entry from the Site-1 PSC? I have already unconfigured the node and using the vcleavefed command.

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          I will get input from my colleagues and will update if I get any input. 

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            Hi Abhilash,


            This is a known issue. To resolve this issue, unregister the failed machine using the cmsso-util command.


            To unregister the failed machine:


            1. Log in as root to the appliance shell of one of the available Platform Services Controller appliances within the vSphere Domain.
            2. To enable the Bash shell, run theshell.set --enabled true command.
            3. Run the shell command to start the Bash shell and log in.
            4. Run the cmsso-util unregister command to unregister the failed Platform Services Controller or vCenter Server:

              cmsso-util unregister --node-pnid FQDN_of_failed_PSC_or_vCenter --username administrator@your_domain_name --passwd vCenter-Single-Sign-On-password

              Where FQDN_of_failed_PSC_or_vCenter is the FQDN or IP address of the Platform Services Controller or vCenter Server that failed to install. Ensure that this is the correct FQDN or IP address before executing.

              Note: After executing the command, the removal process is not recoverable. You must run this command only on one of the Platform Services Controller replication partners, as the synchronization removes the entries from all other Platform Services Controller replication partners.
            5. After the preceding steps are executed, try installing the Platform Services Controller or vCenter Server again.


            Additional Information:


            cmsso-util command may fail when removing a node with the error:


            Could not find a host id which maps Hostname to in Component Manager Failed!!!


            If this occurs, run this command:


            /usr/lib/vmware-vmdir/bin/vdcleavefed -h -u [-w ]


            For example:


            vdcleavefed -h psc003.domain.local -u Administrator -w Passw0rd!


            Upon successful execution, you see output similar to:


            /usr/lib/vmware-vmdir/bin/vdcleavefed -h psc4.vclouud.local -u administrator
            vdcleavefd offline for server psc4.vcloud.local
            Leave federation cleanup done

            If the PSC or vCenter Server node is still active, you see this error.


            /usr/lib/vmware-vmdir/bin/vdcleavefed -h psc4.vcloud.local -u administrator@vsphere.local
            vdcleavefd offline for server psc4.vcloud.local
            Leave federation cleanup failed. Error[1] - Operations error


            Note: Shut down the vCenter Server or PSC before execution.



            (or )


            You can also install new PSC with the same IP but with different FQDN name as it is already registered with existing FQDN but stale entry will be there if you re-install with new FQDN with same IP.


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            Thanks & Regards

            Sridhar, VCP51

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              hicall Lurker

              Hi, do you have articles to reconfigure vcenter on both sites from using embedded PSC & VCSA into external deployment ?


              Existing i have VCSA embedded on two sites and i want to reconfigure using external deployment to using Linked Mode on v6.5.

              After i try guide through internet i got same error and trying decommissioning until successful. After this i will try to deploy second PSC again on second both.