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    VM seen poweroff

    godiva31 Lurker



      I've one vcenter in 5.5 i've  succeeded to connect on web site ioinsight, but when i open a server esx and then a vm , i see it poweroff. All vms are seen poweroff

      Connection to other vcenter 6.0U3 it's ok, i can start a test...




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          MidhunK Novice
          VMware Employees

          Hi Antoine,

          Would you please provide the exact details of ESX and vCenter versions which is being used?


          In addition to that, please send us the logs by following this:

          1. Restart IOInsight VM (so that older logs will be cleared)

          2. Reproduce the login issue

          3. Download logs from the link in IOInsight web interface

          4. email logs to  ioinsight@vmware.com


          We'll look into this issue. Thank you!