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    vRO 7.3 - checking guest OS guest operations readiness

    Czernobog Hot Shot

      I have to run a few guest operations on a VM, right after it is provisioned.

      Until now, I have used a simple sleep value of 60 seconds, during which the vRO workflow execution is halted, before the guest operations are executed. This almost exclusively affects Windows servers since the readiness on Linux systems is given almost instantly.

      The sleep method works fine, however now I want to query the exact status of the guest operation readiness, instead of a sleep timer, to save some time and get an accurate status of the guest operations.

      So far I have used following approaches, without success (vm = target vCenter VM):

      - vm.guest.guestOperationsReady - this returns true, right after a vm comes online and VMTools initialize, however even though it returns "true", guest operations fail with error: The guest operations agent could not be contacted. I still have to wait some time, before executing guest operations.

      - vm.guest.isInteractiveGuestOperationsReady(); - this always returns "false", even when checking a vm that has been running for some time and where manualy executing a guest operation workflow works.

      What would be a reliable method to check the guest operations availability?