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    Host Performance

    E1Bilisim Lurker

      Hello, I planning to setup a server (r730xd) with following disk structure.


      2x300gb 15k raid1 for host

      6x480gb raid10 ent ssd's for vm's

      4x8tb raid10 7200rpm for storage

      2 drive for hotspare


      But I'm confused because of 15k's. Should I use ssd's for maximum host performance? Or ssd's are wasting of money for host?


      Thank you for your time,

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          Welcome to the Community,


          don't worry, the disk performance for the host disks (i.e. on which you install ESXi) doesn't really matter. Once booted, ESXi runs in memory, and only writes its configuration, and logs to disk. It's even possible to install ESXi on a SD card, and setup a log/scratch location on a datastore.

          What's important however, is to use a RAID controller with battery buffered write cache to allow for write-back operation.



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