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    Migrating a Parallels Windows 10 Image to VMWare - Deletes Activation

    IdahoSAM Lurker

      I have a Parallels Windows virtual machine, but am migrating over to VMWare. Importing the image went easily, but I can not activate Windows 10, even though it was activated in Parallels.  It says I have a Digital License but even using the same user account in VMWare machine, it won't activate and says I need to buy a license.  I spent an hour with a Windows guy as he was trying to activate it for me, but then he somehow got cut off, and I was going to have to go through the same process again with someone else.


      Any ideas about why this might be happening?  I was hoping to get rid of Parallels, but now it appears that I can't do so, unless I can get the machine activated.