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    vMotion - Your Opinion

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      Hi Guys,


      I'd like your opinion on how you would set up your vMotion network if you had the following network interfaces in your server:

      2 x 10 Gig

      8 x 1 Gig


      I currently have my setup as follows:

      vSwicth                      Nics                             MTU               Load Balancing

      vSwicth0                    2 x 1Gbps                    1500               Virtual Port ID

      vSwicth1                    2 x 10Gbps                  1500               Virtual Port ID

      vSwicth2                    4 x 1Gbps                    9000               Virtual Port ID


      There is 2 x 1Gbps cards that are not in use (Spare).


      I've tested my vMotion network with 1,2,3, and 4 interfaces up during my testing and had the following results (I closed switch ports down during the testing); also the same VM using 64GB RAM was used:

      Number of NICs          Time to vMotion Image

      1                                  34 Sec

      2                                  41 Sec

      3                                  73 Sec

      4                                  74 Sec


      Does anyone have any theories on why it takes me longer to move the images when I have more interfaces in the vMotion vSwitch?


      Also, I'd be interested in how you'd set up the interfaces in this network.




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          If you have spare interfaces, then you may want to use them for a dedicated vMotion network using a multi-NIC setup. If you didn't configure multiple vmkernel ports with those multiple adapters, you weren't utilizing them. There's a KB that defines this design and how to configure it here which I'd recommend.