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    VCSA 6.5, Active Directory and Domain User Sessions - Expectations and Impacts

    dauphin77 Enthusiast

      Hi all,


      What are the impacts, if any, having numerous domain user sessions connected via vSphere Web Client to VCSA 6.5 in order to access their respective virtual environments? Currently have 30 - 40 users but could increase with time to over 100 users. Will this have any impact on VCSA? Is there another approach?


      Background: This VCSA 6.5 environment, which is joined to a domain with Active Directory implemented, is being utilized as a testing environment for our users. A folder hierarchy has been created to allow different groups to access their respective VM's (permissions backed) with the ability to create/clone VM's at will based on testing requirements. Most VM's are on an internal only network (sandbox) which requires the use of domain user accounts to be able to access VM's through the web client.


      Any info/guidance would be appreciated.