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    Replaced vNIC in Ubuntu 14 VM but no network now

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      Running vSphere vCenter 6.0 and have an Ubuntu 14.04 guest VM that was having network issues.  I shutdown the VM, removed the existing NIC, added a new NIC, and powered it back on.  It takes a long time to fully boot, but once up I can ping it.  However, if I log into the console I am unable to ping out from the VM (it says "Network unreachable").  Is there something else I need to change on the guest OS itself?  I don't have any rules under /etc/udev/rules.d and I tired changing the MAC address on the command line but it still won't ping out.

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          Can you tell us which NIC type you added? vmxnet, e1000, etc.


          Next can you tell us if the Edit Setting s within VMware vCenter for this VM show the NIC as connected?


          Within the guest can you do 'ifconfig' and report the output. But it sounds like the NIC is not connected or you chose one with no driver. If you use vmxnet, you must install VMware tools or open-vm-tools.


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