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    Upgrading VMware Tools in an already configured shared productLocker

    atalbo Lurker



      I have been looking through several guides of lifecycle management articles of VMware Tools but not found out this (hopefully) easy and straight forward answer. How do you upgrade the VMware Tools version when you already have configured a shared productLocker for your hosts?


      • Environment where all hosts already have been configured for a shared productlocker for example: /vmfs/volumes/sharedds01/productLocker/
      • VMware Tools 10.1.10



      • Upgrade VMware Tools to 10.1.15


      What would be the proper way to upgrade VMware Tools to 10.1.15 ?

      1. Can you simply replace all the files in productLocker on the datastore without reboots required?
      2. .. or do you need to:
        1. Create a new directory with VMw Tools 10.1.15, something like /vmfs/volumes/sharedds01/productLocker2/
        2. Update UserVars.ProductLockerLocation
        3. Reboot ESXis / Create new symlinks