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    VMFS-6 support in VCD 9

    emanueleroserba Novice


      Anyone knows if VMFS6 is finally supported in vCloud Director 9? I cannot find any reference in the release notes.

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          Sreec Master
          Community WarriorsvExpert

          If Host/VC 6.5 is supported with VCD, VMFS will be certainly supported.

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            emanueleroserba Novice

            No, sreec, you're wrong.

            On 8.20.x, vSphere 6.5 is officially supported, but VMFS-6 is not (I had an official VMware's response to an SR on this).

            I was told that with VDC 9, support has to be added, but nothing in the release notes.


            Just for your information, there are a bunch of things not supported by VCD in otherwise supported versions of vSphere, just to mention a few examples related to disk:

            - VVOLs

            - vFlash cache

            - RDM


            Anyway, thanks for trying helping.

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              Sreec Master
              vExpertCommunity Warriors

              Appreciate your reply. I was under the impression it is supported. When 6.5 was released most of the product integration was not supported which is not the case now.When did you logged the case ?

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                nutthanon Novice


                You can use vmfs 6 datastore for vcloud director 8.20.x. Before upgrade to vcd9 I used with no problem but when you navigate to datastore menu in vcd8.20, vmfs6 datastore's type tap will show "UNKNOWN"

                It's show "VMFS6" when you upgrade to vcd 9.

                And now vcd9 support datastore backed by vvol already.

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