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    RDSH Application - Drive mapping Assistance

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      We are in the process of evaluating RDSH Application pools in View 7.3.1.  We have been able to successfully publish application and launch them from both View Client and HTML.


      What I am looking for assistance is on, when a user launches the application they currently only see the C drive of the server that is hosting the application.


      1.  I would like to hide the C drive of the server hosting the RDSH application


      2.  Users launching the RDSH applications are not getting assigned their network mapped drives.  We have multiple sites and utilize GPO applied at the site level to apply drive mappings based on the users home office.  Since our View environment is hosted at our HQ office, I would like to provide users with the same set of drive mappings they see for their home office when they login.  I was able to add my network drives to my Horizon Client but I was hoping to do something via GPO applied to the OU I have my RDSH servers sitting in.


      Any guidance is greatly appreciated.