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    Licensing Red Hat for VMware - anyone?

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      There may already be answers to this question, but after some googling i have found no concrete answer.

      As I understand it, it is possible to have a Red Hat license/subscription for a physical ESXi server and this makes it possible to have unlimited Red Hat VMs on that specific ESXi.


      Is it possible to select a subgroup of ESXi servers from a cluster and license them for Red Hat use OR does such a step require that a whole cluster of ESXi servers need to be licensed?


      What i am looking for (as the best) is a license document which describes exactly how this works, and i guess a lot of you good people have Red Hat in your environments and have some experience in this.




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          Host licensing is possible and you can have an unlimited amount of red hat vms running on that host. This is how we do it and use DRS rules/ groups to pin redhat vms to certain hosts in a cluster. We use powershell to auto move red hat vms to the drs groups based on the guest os detected


          You will need the red hat licensing appliance and the host uuids in order to perform updates / patches to red hat vms.