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    vRA 7.3 - nullPointerException when using cafe entities finder to look for requests

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      I need to query my vRA Request by using a vRO workflow.

      Back in 7.2 I have used this method:

      var reqs = vCACCAFEEntitiesFinder.getRequests(cafeHost);

      This method fails now in 7.3 with:


      Querying for other types works fine. The error is thrown for .getRequest as well as for .findRequests.



      I've tried getting to the request using another method, but this fails again in a strange way:

      var cafeHostCC = cafeHost.createCatalogClient();
      var reqId = payload.get("machine").get("properties").get("__Cafe.Root.Request.Id");
      var req = cafeHostCC.getCatalogConsumerRequestService().getRequest(reqId);
      var businessGroupName = req.organization.getSubtenantLabel();
      System.log("LOG: req.organization.getSubtenantLabel(): " + req.organization.getSubtenantLabel());

      This seems to work, the req.organization.getSubtenantLabel() output shows a correct value, however after this line the workflow fails again with an Error 403 pointing to a line previously executed (here it would output System.log on line 05 and after that fail with Error 403 on line 03)