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    SQL VM CPU Consideration Help

    jitla1971 Enthusiast

      Hello All


      I am looking for some clarification from the community.

      We have a SQL server, which is configured with 6 socket and 1 core per socket equal 6vCPU

      The physical host has 2 sockets and 8 cores per socket.

      I was planning to reconfigure the cpu allocation to match the host physical cpu configuration ie 2 sockets and 3 cores per socket which would equal 6 vCPU.

      Is the configuration i am planning, provide any real benefit or should i leave it as it is?

      Motive for the change, we are seeing intermittent performance issues with the sql server and i was told vm cpu config should match host physical cpu config for optimal performance.

      Any help or suggestions, would be appreciated.


      Thanks all