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    Capture packet from VTEP via tcpdump-uw

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      Hi, Everyone

      As I mentioned in the title, I'd like to capture packets from vmk3(VTEP interface), however it could not be possible as below;

      So that I found some commmand and this server has not listed up in "tcpdump-uw -D" command as below.


      What I try to do is, capturing packets for vxlan. (including Outer/Inner IP/MAC).

      Would you give me some help? please

      Thanks alot!


      [root@esxcomp-01a:/tmp/jeff] tcpdump-uw -i vmk3 -w vxlan_tcpdump.pcap

      tcpdump-uw: SIOCGIFHWADDR: Invalid argument

      [root@esxcomp-01a:/tmp/jeff] tcpdump-uw -D





      [root@esxcomp-01a:/tmp/jeff] esxcli network ip interface ipv4 get

      Name  IPv4 Address    IPv4 Netmask   IPv4 Broadcast   Address Type  DHCP DNS

      ----  --------------  -------------  ---------------  ------------  --------

      vmk0  STATIC           false

      vmk1     STATIC           false

      vmk3  STATIC           false

      vmk2  STATIC           false