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    Roles and customizaton permissions in vSphere 6.5

    tikondrus Novice

      I need to create role for creating VM from definite template into definite folder with  Guest OS Customization rules. And I was created it according to article Enabling guest customization if it is greyed out (1002385) | VMware KB  and vSphere Documentation Center.

      But. If I deploy VM from template without customization VM is created successfully. If I deploy VM WITH customization I have an error (figure 1).

      My role privileges are:


      - Allocate space

      - Browse datastore


      - Cancel Task


      -Assign network


      -Assign virtual machine to resource pool

      Virtual machine


      --Add new disk


      --Power on


      --Create from existing

      --Create new



      --Deploy template

      --Modify customization specifications

      --Read customization specifications


      I can't deploy VM both from windows and linux template. Please, help me.