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    Reset/Refresh Horizon Desktop in a Problem State using PowerShell

    rseekell Novice

      The PowerShell interface for Horizon View is very confusing.  I want to automatically reset/refresh desktops that are in a problem state (Problem vCenter VMs in the View Admin website).  They tend to be either Already Used or Agent Unreachable. However, there seems to be no place to go to do the complete task. 


      In the Horizon module available over PowerShell Repository, first of all, I have to download the HvHelper from Git before I can do anything easily.  I can use cmdlets like "Get-HVMachineSummary -State ALREADY_USED" to find machines in problem states, but I cannot find any command or cmdlet to reset or refresh them.


      The View cmdlets from the vmware.view.broker snapin allow me to send a reset/ refresh/ recompose command, but "Get-DesktopVM" cannot find machines in a problem state.


      How can I set it up to automatically reset or refresh desktop vms in a problem state?