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    UEM Upgrade 8.7 to 9.2.1

    epa80 Enthusiast

      I have been reviewing the upgrade path/steps for UEM via the documentation listed here (technically for 9.1), and had a couple questions:


      1. Can I upgrade directly from 8.7 to 9.2.1?
      2. Am I understanding the order of installation correctly? If I am reading it right, I first update all the clients' UEM version to 9.2.1 (back end remains 8.7), at which point I then upgrade the back end servers to 9.2.1?


      Our environment is a linked clone VDI world, all Windows 7. We have 2 data centers, and within each are 2 UEM servers that all replicate across one another via DFS. Ina  nutshell I had the upgrade steps as deploy the linked clones with 9.2.1, then upgrade the back end servers to 9.2.1.