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    Problem to connect a VM to another network range

    hamzehzadeh Lurker

      Hi, this is my plan, and I want to connect my VOIP server ( to my FXO ( through my working tunnel, every NIC in my ...113.1/24 can ping any device in ...113.1/24 network plus the FXO in ...114.1/24 network and vice versa , except my voip server.  my VM voip server can just ping all NiCs in ...113.1/24 network and pinged back from them but cannot ping or pinged back from my FXO. my VOIP Server is in esxi and connected to a vSwicth. what can I do for my problem, is there any firewall in esxi that is dropping my packets or whatever else... .


      this is my plan

      voip problem.jpg.jpeg