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    Setting up multiple VM

    audio9 Lurker

      I am new to VMware, as the only product I have used was fusion on my mac when I installed windows 10. I have a custom PC in my home lab, for the intent of learning about virtual machines that has ample memory and hard-drive space.


      I would like to set up six vm's: Windows 7 and 10, Windows Server 12 and 16 with SQL, Ubuntu and CentOS. I have education access to windows licensing. I will be placing this custom PC in a well ventilated closet and remoting in.


      How do I set this process/project up?

      What piece of software do I need to install from vmware on the custom PC?

      What piece of software do I need to install on a laptop if it was running: Windows, Apple or Linux to be able to remote in?

      How do I install and maintain the virtual machines remotely?

      Do I need to install any virtual switches or firewalls?

      Does the software cost anything since this is going to be used primarily in a home lab, and not used for production in a business?