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    How do I assign Ethernet ports (NIC) to each VM created? (VMware ESXi 6.5 Web UI)

    randomuser1999 Lurker



      I am a novice when it comes to VMware and this is my first time creating a Virtual Machine(s). Currently, I am stuck, trying to assign individual internet connections to each individual VM.


      My setup is a host PC with four (4) VMs created and I installed a PCI-E network card with four (4) individual Ethernet ports. I am using both the VMware ESXi web user interface (accessed by my unique STATIC ID) and the VMware VSphere Client (which will not allow me to edit settings; for 5.5 and older) to create/edit/access the VMs.


      Can someone please give me the dumbed-down (dummy version) of how to go about doing this? Maybe even provide screenshots? I have been troubleshooting for three (3) days now and everything I find is for older versions of the ESXi, unclear explanations, or I'm just missing something.


      Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance,

      ESXi Novice