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    Viewing permissions in vSphere client

    Skidz Lurker

      Hey folks,


      I'm running vCenter 5.5. I'm a little bit old-school and still use the vSphere client rather than the web client for most day-to-day tasks managing my infrastructure.


      I know more and more functionalities are being shifted to the Web client, but until recently, I was able to (or at least I think I was able to) right click on a resource (a VM or a host), and do <ctrl>+P and manage permissions. Now I realize I can add permissions and that works, but if I want to see who actually has permissions on the resource I have to launch the Web client.


      Have I got a problem or is this by design ? When did it change ? Seems I was able to do this until fairly recently. I last remediated my hosts a couple of weeks ago, but didn't see anything concerning this type of functionality in the patch information.


      Maybe I'm just getting old...