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    sequential shutdown / restart

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      1. If you configured in a host the sequence of power on / off for the VMs, does it mean that the first VM to start will also be the first to shut down or the last one to shutdown?

      2. Which will power on first rule? HA rule (priority) or the host power sequence?

      3. If the VM is configured to power on as #1 in Host 1, when it is vmotioned / DRS / HA to a different host with no specific rule / sequence.... will it still follow the power sequence on the new host or the new host?

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          1. Yes, First VM will start and shutdown as per the order. however, you can modify this behavior using startup and shutdown delay timers


          2. both are a diffferent scenario.

          HA is for failure scenario

          Startup order is for maintenance activities

          Let me know if you have any specific scenario that both the event occurs at the same time


          3. If the VM is vMotioned the VMs will be moved to any order startup mode.which means the VMs will be automatically powered on along with the host but it will not follow the sequence

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