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    Verified flows not showing up in vRNI

    tspires Novice
    VMware Employees

      vRNI is functioning great for the most part after installation, but I'm currently having an issue where I'm seeing SOME flows, but not ALL flows.


      I have logged into the VM and ran a pcap and I see data coming in from the internet to a smtp server, but there is not netflow/ipfix data for that flow showing up in vRNI. I do see some flows from this VM coming from the vds, but there are flows that I see taking place on the VM that aren't being sent to vRNI.


      This is problematic, because if we're not capturing 100% of the flows my customer loses confidence in the product as a whole. It's also not really safe to begin configuring firewall rules based on vRNI if I can't guarantee 100% accuracy of flow reporting.


      Is there a reason i'd only be seeing some of the flows and not others?