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    AppStacks with Adobe products that require Adobe Login and Serial Number

    jheinrich22 Lurker



      We are implementing AppVolumes into our environment. We have several Adobe Products that we are trying to make work with AppStacks. Currently, we have Adobe CS6 and Adobe Technical Communication Suite. To activate, you are required to sign into your Adobe account and input the serial number.


      I have created two appstacks for our Adobe Tech Comm Suites 5 and 2017. They are activated on the appstacks, but after assigning them to the user, they are required to login and input the serial number. Most of our users do not have their own adobe accounts, and we do not want to share the SN.


      We have not implemented UEM. I am not sure if this would solve my issue. Any Ideas?


      AV 2.12

      Horizon 7

      vSphere 6.5