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    @VMware Workstation Product manager : please publish the necessary vmx-file hacks that are required to run WS 14 on unsupported CPUs

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      Hello Workstation product manager
      I am shocked to realize that none of my 3 hosts that I used to run Workstation or ESXi qualifies for WS 14.
      I was able to find a vmx-file tweak to enable me to try the Beta but the performance was horrible.
      Suggestion: publish the best vmx-file hacks that will allow to run WS 14 on unsupported CPUs.
      Suggestion: publish a small test tool so that users can check if their hosts will be able to run WS 14.
      Suggestion: Do that right now
      Ulli Hankeln

      ( a former Workstation evangelist and most active user in this community since 2003 )

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