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    Upgraded to Horizon 7.3, pools no longer provision new VMs

    jseide86 Novice



      As the title says, I've just upgraded my environment to Horizon 7.3 and now my pools are no longer creating new VMs. At all.

      I've even created a new pool with a new template, but nothing is happening and there are no errors thrown anywhere. I've checked the view administrators, the connection servers and the view composer for logs and windows event log, but there is no trace as to where the process is stopping.


      Environment details:


      View Connection Servers: 7.3.0 build-6571861

      View Composer: 7.3.0 build-6517251

      vCenter: 6.5.0 build-5973321 (6.5u1)

      ESXi: 6.5.0 build-5969303 (6.5u1) - still have a few hosts on ESXi 6.5.0 build-5310538 (6.5d) as well, but only in certain clusters and I've tested pool deployment in both pure 6.5u1 clusters and "mixed" clusters. It makes no difference.

      Cloud Pod Federation is up and running, I've got 2+2 connection servers with 12 hosts in each pod.

      The mentioned pools are Full Clones, so no Linked or Instant clones to complexify this scenario.


      I still have snapshots of my horizon components on 7.2.0 so a rollback is possible, but I'd very much like to resolve this as 7.3 seems like a good release on paper.


      Does anyone have a clue to where I should start digging? Have anyone seen this before? I'm a bit lost right now, but I though I'd swing by VMTN and post before I launch an SR with VMware.