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    VMworld 2017 Hands-on Labs being released

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      For those interested, the Hands-on Labs team has started releasing the labs from VMworld 2017 into our public portal and we should be mostly complete by mid-October.


      As we release the new versions, the old versions will be placed into the HOL Archives catalog until around the end of November 2017, at which time they will be removed. When a lab is archived, the number of "prepops" (up and running copies) is reduced to 0 to make room for warm copies of the new labs, so you will need to wait a little longer as the old versions are deployed from the Archive and powered up.


      You can find more details about the release on our team's blog:


      Releasing the VMworld 2017 Hands-on Labs - VMware Hands-On Lab (HOL) Blog - VMware Blogs


      For quick identification, the labs from VMworld 2016 have numbers that begin with "HOL-17" while the new labs from VMworld 2017 have numbers beginning with "HOL-18"


      The manuals are also available for download at our documentation site:



      Enjoy your  labs,