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    vCloud Usage Meter Users Guide 3.6

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      So I´m installing Usage Meter 3.6 and the PDF seems a little mysterious (previous version was worse, it said "give read-only administrator privilege" go figure that one out...), but now this version says :




      Page 26




      Verify that you have additional vCenter Server user permissions, other than Read-only. To add the

      required additional permissions, perform the following steps.


      a Log in to the vSphere Web Client as an administrator.

      b Navigate to Administration > Roles.

      c Click the Create role button.

      d Type a name for the new role.

      e Select the following permission:Profile-driven storage > Profile-driven storage view

      f Assign the new role to the user which you use for vCloud Usage Meter collection.


      Now...this seems a little vague, what exact permissions are needed for the User Meter user on vCenter ?, is it administrator privileges and no one wants to put it on writing on the pdf ? ; )


      The instructions to create a role are wonderful, all that is missing is the baseline from which to start, which role to use for instance, since I don´t think a role with only that permission would be very helpful, other providers give clear examples of privileges needed and how to create that role on vCenter, seems weird VMware itself cannot do this for Usage Meter.


      If anyone can help me it would be appreciated, the Usage Meter documentation doesn´t seem to be up to the usual VMware standard of quality.


      Thanks in advance.




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          Carlos_E Novice

          Page 29 same PDF :


          Add NSX Manager

          To add NSX Manager to be metered, you must provide the NSX Manager host name and credentials


          n Verify that the NSX Manager is registered with vCenter Server. For more information, see Register

          vCenter Server with NSX Manager.


          Verify that you have read-only administrator privileges.


          Again with the "read-only administrator privileges", what do they meannnnn, who is writing this, it´s either read-only or administrator privilege, unless I´m missing something and I´m in the middle of having a really bad pdf understanding week


          If anyone knows for sure what the necessary permissions are it would be appreciated.




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            DSimeonov Novice
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            Hi Carlos,


            thanks for reaching out and sorry for the bad experience you are having.


            You do not need to use administrator privileges.


            Use "read-only" as a baseline role and assign additional Profile-driven storage view permissions to the same role. That should do the trick.


            Please let me know if that clarification helps.


            We'll do our best to improve the documentation on this front.




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              Thanks for reporting this ambiguity in the Usage Meter documentation.

              We'll do our best to straighten up this documentation piece as well.

              Please try with read-only privileges and do let me know if you experience any issues.


              Hope the rest of your week does not include more ambiguous PDF bits.


              Best Regards,


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                Carlos_E Novice



                Thanks for the feedback, it´s good to read a clear answer to the confusing documentation.


                Thanks once again for taking the time to post it.


                I don´t know about my pdf week, if I finish working on this with our Aggregator next topic to deal with is metering of our vCloud Director environment with Chargeback so seems like tedious work still ahead ; )