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    VSAN Build Recommendation Engine Proxy settings.

    AramAvetisyan Novice

      HI all.


      I am here trying to use VSAN Build Recommendation Engine Health thing. It asks for my.vmware.com credentials, but after providing those it fails to connect.

      I think problem is that vCenter is behind a proxy and this tool is not picking up proxy setting configured on vCenter or in VSAN health plugin. I have proxy also configured on Update manager still no luck.

      I know this because i was monitoring proxy log, and there is no requests coming from vCenter when i click Login.


      Can someone confirm or deny, this theory? Or may be someone know how to configure proxy for this thing.


      btw, also tried RVC. no luck. Here is what i got:


      > vsan.login_iso_depot -u USER -p PASS
      2017-08-15 16:20:37 +0000: Login to VMware ISO Depot using my.vmware.com credentials
      2017-08-15 16:20:37 +0000: Note: vCenter needs to have access to depot.vmware.com.
      2017-08-15 16:22:44 +0000: Failed to save cookie of depot.vmware.com.
      Error: Incorrect my.vmware.com login credential.


      and here is what i see in Web client:

      8-15-2017 6-32-33 PM.png


      I am running vSphere 6.5u1. vCenter Appliance with an External PSC.


      Thanks in advance.