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    Scoreboard to monitor Windows services

    MeImNot Lurker

      Hey Guys,


      I'm still very new to vROPS but I promise that I have been trying to do the below task over all weekend (not good!) and what I thought would take me 30 minutes has proved impossible for me to achieve.


      I am putting together a dashboard to monitor Active directory and wanted to add a scoreboard widget to show the status of domain controller services I am monitoring using EP OPs however I am unable to do so. The idea is to select a domain controller using the Object List, feed it to the Scoreboard widget and show the status of the 6 services being monitored. I think that I have tried selecting every aspect of the EP OPs agent to feed to Scoreboard but was unable to get just the state of the services (I was getting the default vROPS stuff that I dont need), I have also created an XML file and configured the Scoreboard to use it and it 'works' (I can list all windows services in an Object List and click them one by one and it will show the status of the service) but I am still unable to display all the services running on a domain controller all at once in the Scoreboard widget...any suggestions are very welcome.


      XML used:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


          <AdapterKind adapterKindKey="EP Ops Adapter">

              <ResourceKind resourceKindKey="Windows Service">

                  <Metric attrkey="AVAILABILITY|ResourceAvailability" label="Service" unit="" yellow="" orange="" red="0"/>


          </AdapterKind >

      </AdapterKinds >


      Thank you!

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          sxnxr Master

          I tried to do the same thing a wile back with the vcenter server services and hit the same problem.


          As far as i can tell you cant add the separate services to an XML file the xml can only take the resourceKindKey="Windows Service"> and <Metric attrkey="AVAILABILITY|ResourceAvailability" It cant take "resourceName": "VMware Certificate Service" that specifies the service you set up. If anyone eles knows how to do this i would be interested in it to.


          The only thing i could do is create a dashboard and set up several manual score boards with each service added it them for each server. Is ok if you dont have 30 servers



          Have you tried the active directory management pack for the solutions exchange. It may give you what you want. The below link will take you to it


          VMware Solution Exchange

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            MeImNot Lurker

            sxnxr it looks like we're hitting the same vROPS snags


            I'm already using the AD management pack and basing most of the AD monitoring dashboard on it, but I just wanted to add DC services as well so that the Ops team have a better overall picture. If no-one on here comes up with a better solution, I'm going to group all AD services in a group and just create a self serving Scoreboard and display them that way...not the best solution but at least something to display.


            Thank you!

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              RickVerstegen Expert



              I am also struggling with this one within vROps 6.6.1. My first thought was indeed to create an object list with all domain controllers, add scoreboard widget and setup the interaction to see a all services of a selected domain controller in the object list. Perhaps this now possible with version 6.7 or 7.0. I didn't test that out.
              So I am trying to use the workarounds you provided but one of our customers has a lot domain controllers, so how do i know which service for example DNS belongs to which Domain Controller? In the below picture there are only two DNS services so that will probably easier to find out but i just wanted to show you what the issue is.

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                RickVerstegen Expert

                sunnydua201110141, is this possible?

                Thanks in advance!

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                  Sunny Dua Enthusiast
                  vExpertVMware Employees

                  Hi RIck,


                  I might need to get on a webex with you to see what you are tryng to do and think of ways to implement it. Could you send me an email on duas@vmware.com and we can setup something.