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    3DS Max Performance

    jdm90 Lurker

      Now that Fusion is running metal to handle 3D graphics, Im wondering if we will see performance and feature improvements, specifically with 3DS Max.

      As of now using 3DS Max to show realistic textures on an objects causes the object to display in all black. Im assuming this is some driver problem as it renders it properly when I boot windows in bootCamp. I'd really like to see this bug fixed with the new release of fusion.

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          RickShu Expert
          VMware Employees

          Hi jdm90,


          Would you please add the following line to your vmx file and see if it persists (black objects) ?




          Notice: you need to power off the VM before adding this line to your vmx file.


          Also, please inform about the specification of your Mac host especially the graphic card. Thanks.