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    Dell SAS HDD on HCL

    JasonNash Novice

      I'm looking to deploy VSAN on a batch of Dell R630s. I have qualified storage controllers (H730) and SSDs (Intel P3600 Nvme cards). I'm struggling with the capacity disks.


      I've been looking at Dell 1.6TB 10k SAS drives but these have multiple entries on the HCL based the drive/manufacturer in use. The problem is all the drive models on the HCL appear to be EOL and hard to source.


      If I just order from Dell I don't know which drive model it is until I receive and it may not be specifically listed on the HCL.


      How does it work with replacements, as even if I do manage to source an exact model from the HCL, if support were ever to replace it may be a different drive model not on the HCL.


      I could source non-Dell drives but then I'm gaining support from VMware but losing it from Dell.


      Anyone offer some advice?

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          Graham Expert
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          When you order from Dell, they are able to tell you before you order what the drive will be. There is usually a number on the order line for the disks that you can drop into Google and see what it is.


          Dell sell vSAN ready nodes and there are a large variety of disks that will be the same or very close to the spec that you need so I would firstly look through the HCL to see what specs that are not EOL will work for you. I would be surprised if you couldn't find any Dell 1.6TB 10k SAS disks that are not EOL. Even if they are EOL, look at the warranty that Dell will offer you.


          VMware Compatibility Guide - vsan


          For replacements, you need to explain that the disks are used in vSAN and you need the model number of the new drive to check the HCL and to ensure correct firmware is available etc. Support are able to do this for you, just explain the situation and they will work with you for a replacement. It's easier if they are vSAN Ready Nodes but the same thing applies.


          In terms of non-Dell drives, I would not recommend it, you will probably want the hardware support from Dell.


          Hope this helps?

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