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        oktoberfestbier Novice

        the most of the vm´s are one or two years old


        my retetion date form the vcenter is 180 days


        The vm´s are not re-created



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          robincm Novice

          If most or all of your VMs run Windows then you'll possibly find that the OS install date corresponds fairly well with the VM creation date. I've got a Powershell/PowerCLI script that'll collect this info into a CSV file and allow you to fairly easily see how things have grown over time.

          So it's not quite what you're after, but could be enough of an approximation to be useful.

          See Get VMware VM creation date (kind of) on my blog.

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            drowland Novice

            it seems that the dates coorespond to a snapshot removal or something.  It is showing we created 1000's of VM's in the past couple of months..  We've created a lot, but not quite that much.


            My output is as follows for one VM:


            11/28/2013 1:37:19 AM          xlserver.domain.com


            If I look in vCenter at the tasks for that server, I see the following at the same time:


            Task: Remove snapshot


            11/28/2013 1:37:19 AM

            Remove snapshot




            We are using NetApp's SMVI utility so I'm not sure if that is the issue.  The user for the above entry was SMVI.  I'm also seeing a lot of entries for VM's listing com.springsource.vfabric as the username...

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              JuanJesusMendoza Lurker

              Hello, can you help me, how execute script please.




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