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    Multiple switches in ESXI on a single nic

    jayzo Lurker

      hi guys


      is it possible to add multiple vswitches to single nic on ESXI box.

      If so i want to add a vlan per vswitch on a single physical nic.

      Please reply asap.



      Kind regards

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          senthilkumarms89 Hot Shot

          not possible to create multiple Vswitch with a single physical network adaptor. if you want to use multiple VLANs, then create multiple port group on the same vSwitch and tag the VLANs for each of the port group.

          make sure your uplink has been configured as a trunk port

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            Rajeev Sharma Enthusiast

            NO, that is not possible. You can add multiple NIC to one vSwitch but can't add one nic to multiple switches.


            As already suggested below you can add multiple "VM port group" in the vSwitch which has NIC and use vlan for those.


            One NIC is minimum requirement for vKernel port group for management network. Now as you have only one NIC so VM port group(s) will reside on the same vSwitch

            Cheers Rajeev