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    Vsphere 6.5 and 10G: low copy speed between virtual machines on different hosts

    malefik Enthusiast


      - 3 hosts esxi 6.5.0, 5969303

      - Network 2NIC 10G active on each server

      - VCSA Build Number 5973321

      - vSAN 6.6


      We have a very strange situation.

      On esxi1 is the file server (Windows 2012R2), on esxi2 or esxi3 - the client virtual machine (Windows 7). All machines are in the same segment of the network and on the same storage (vSAN).


      Problem: when copying a file from a file server to a client machine located on another host, the copy speed is very small - up to 50 megabytes/sec (ie ~ 400 megabits/sec). If the client machine and the file server are on the same esxi, then the copying speed is 300 megabytes/sec (ie ~ 2400 Mbit/s).


      Is this speed of copying between machines located on different esxi - abnormal? After all, each server has two active links 10G! What could be the problem?


      * I'm not sure if this is important, but we use JumboFrames and Private VLANs.


      Any help?