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    Notepad++ on base image conflicts with appstack application

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      Hi all,


      I am facing a strange issue, we put notepad++ v6.8.8 on base image (win7) with using config files in %appdata% ,  we also put M$ office 2010 std in an appstack.

      Everything works fine until we update the M$ office appstack by adding a microsoft office proofing tool ( which is using to translate language text )


      However, once we attached the updated appstack to base image, notepads++ prompts an issue , “Load langs.xml failed",  in fact it is a common error on notepads++ not bale to read the langs.xml in user profile , but it is no luck after i apply the workaround to replace langs.xml, the error still there.


      Just tested all the components on a full clone, no error happens ..


      i have no clue what;s going on...any one got similar issue on notepad++