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    vRO Action driven Dynamic inputs

    pezh0re Novice

      Is there a way to add a dynamic number of inputs based on a vRO action output? I'm working on a vRO workflow that will ask a user for vCenter tags to apply to a VM - but the tagging categories may change as time goes on. I'd prefer not to hard code anything if I can help it.


      I currently have a workflow that populates predefined list/answers from actions (leveraging the VAPI), but I'd like to get to the next step and have the user provide input for each of the vCenter tag categories.

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          iiliev Virtuoso
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          No, vRO presentation does not allow dynamic creation of input fields, you can only show/hide existing inputs.


          So one possible option is to create the maximum anticipated number of inputs upfront, and then dynamically show/hide part of them. This would work if there is a sane upper limit on the number of inputs.


          Another possible option is to implement sort of a loop, and in each loop iteration collect one or few inputs using a user interaction element. This might work, with some assumptions (eg. that the client option to automatically pop up a user interaction form is turned on).

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            pezh0re Novice

            Would it be possible to use dynamic types somehow to accomplish this? Create a dynamic type with the various tag categories, then have that be a static input for a workflow?

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              iiliev Virtuoso
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              No, dynamic types serve a different purpose. What you are describing here sounds closer to so called 'composite types', but they are also not so flexible to allow dynamic creation of their fields at runtime.

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                brandtjohnd Novice

                I do have a workflow that we use to assign a single tag to one or many VM's at a time.  In the presentation of this we ask for VM Name, Tag Category & Tag Value.  The Tag Category is populated by an action that returns all the Tag Categories and sorts them for inclusion in a drop down.  So while this may not be exactly what you are looking for, it may be of some use.


                Action Scripting


                throw "'endpoint' parameter should not be null";




                // Fetch tags and tag categories

                var client = endpoint.client(); 

                var category = new com_vmware_cis_tagging_category(client); 

                var categories = category.list();

                var sourceTagCats = new Array();

                //Exclude Source tags in the "agency" category

                for each(sourceTagCatId in categories){

                sourceTagCat = (new com_vmware_cis_tagging_category(client)).get(sourceTagCatId);

                if(sourceTagCat.name === 'agency'){

                agencyTagCatId = sourceTagCat.id;



                sourceTagCatObj = new Object();

                sourceTagCatObj.name = sourceTagCat.name;

                sourceTagCatObj.id = sourceTagCat.id;




                sourceTagCats = sourceTagCats.sort()

                return sourceTagCats



                Then in the presentation tab of the workflow, you can set a property to the input attribute as "Predefined List of Elements"  See the Screenshot below.



                Good luck