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    One VIP, Two Connection Servers, Two Desktop Pools

    MikeErter Enthusiast

      Hi Horizon View Community,


      We have a working Horizon 7.1.0 build-5170113 Desktop Pool called 'Administrators'. Around 50 users are using it with no problem.  They connect to it through a VIP, hosted on a load balancer.  The pool for the VIP has the two Connection Servers in it.


      We created a second Desktop Pool, identical to the first, except it has a different name and different VMs in its Inventory.


      For some reason when entitled users attempt to connect through the VIP with their VMware Horizon Client, they get the error below.


      This desktop currently has no desktop sources available. Please try connecting to this desktop again later, or contact your system administrator.



      Has anyone seen this issue before?  I have a case open with support, but they have not called yet.