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    Plan for VMware Workstation 12.5.8, and a Fix for Fedora 26 and GCC 7?

    rgadsdon Novice

      VMware 12.5.7 has been out for two months now, with no update for support of GCC 7 or Fedora 26 (and later versions of Ubuntu, apparently)..


      VMware have announced the next upgrade of VMware Workstation - version 14 ( rather than 13 ) - and this is supposed to include ''updated Linux support for Fedora 26 and Ubuntu 17.04'' amongst other features, but this is not due to be available until October.


      The issues with Fedora 26 and GCC 7 with VMware 12.5.7 have been well documented, and rather messy workarounds are available, but it would be unfortunate if the only official solution was to pay for an upgrade to Workstation 14.


      Is there a planned release date for VMware 12.5.8, with these fixes included?


      Robert Gadsdon.