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    Migrate to VCSA 6.5

    vAndrew Enthusiast

      Hmmm, seems i have misread something as i thought you could migrate form windows vCenter 6.5  to VCSA 6.5, now when running the migration assistant, it seems you cant as its not a supported migration... Brilliant!!!


      So i upgraded the vcenter server from 6.0 to 6.5... and now cant migrate it.


      Is there a way i can get this to the appliance, ideally a painless way that still keeps all its settings?

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          mhampto Expert
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          If you have a backup of the older version that can be loaded then upgraded, that would be one of the easier ways.  Another option would be to build up the Appliance and duplicate the settings, though this is a more painful route.  The easiest though most drawn out route would be to wait for the next version that will support a migration from the version you are on.

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            nparas5 Enthusiast

            Not Possible, you can't migrate from windows based vcenter 6.X to vcenter appliance 6.X.