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    Read Me if you have a Intel Xeon CPU

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      First Impression of the WS 2017 Beta :

      I have seen ALL Workstation Betas since Workstation 3 and since WS 8 I learned that I better should not expect too much.
      This Beta  made the worst impression of them all.
      Why ?
      The doc https://communities.vmware.com/servlet/JiveServlet/previewBody/35734-102-2-48579/Whats%20new%20in%20Workstation%20Tech%2…
      says: The system requirements for this Technology Preview remain the same as VMware Workstation Pro 12
      That is either inacurate or at least very misguiding.
      I run a host with Intel Xeon CPU  and WS 12.01 was running fine.
      64bit VMs and nested VMs worked.
      So I expected no problems with the new Beta.
      The installer also did not complain at all.
      Trying to launch a first VM then failed with:

      [msg.cpuid.legacyCPU.noRealModeHV] This host does not support virtualizing real mode.

      The Intel "VMX Unrestricted Guest" feature is necessary to run this virtual machine on an Intel processor.  


      In short - I had no reasons to expect that my host would not qualify to run this version
      - finding  out that you just installed a new version that will not work and now have to go back to the older version via uninstall and reinstall 12.01 is a pain.

      To prevent having more users that  will run into this problem, fix the docs asap.
      Why dont you integrate a CPU-features check in the installer ?
      If there is an easy fix for this problem by setting a vmx-parameter - why dont you pop up a useful error-message ?