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    Removing old badge progress from profile

    BFD Novice

      Is it possible for a CloudCred user to remove themselves from a badge that they're unlikely to make any further progress towards?


      - I have some amount of progress towards badge ID's 34, 38, 41, 52 and 63 yet I don't know what they are and there's no way to progress them as I assume that they've expired. (No longer a logo or a points target to hit, so I can't say much more about what they once were).


      - I also have a bunch of others that are unlikely to complete but still have a logo and a target (such as old lab badges 66 and 67 and the VMUG Event 6.0, badge 86).


      Clearly not a huge issue, other than the fact that they're there, unobtainably mocking me any time I look at my profile page





      Team LonVMUG