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    VMware Persona (Browser Settings)

    krowczynski1980 Novice

      Hello everybody,



      currently I am testing Windows 10 1607 with VMware Horizon View 7.03 and Persona Management.

      So far all is looking fine, the only thing that is not "working" correct at the moment are the browser settings and here the two examples:


      - Within IE11 when I open www.google.de I am getting the message about data protection, so I accept it

      - Within Microsoft Edge when I open it I am getting the welcome screen and my other staff, so I adjust everything to the settings that I want to us


      When I log off and log in back to other linked clone desktop within the pool, these both settings about the browsers are NOT saved and I need to configure it again.

      Do someone know where these setting are located in (Appdata\Local or AppData\LocalLow) as all other applications are working fine.


      Thank you for some feedback here.