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    vCSA 6.5 Update Manager Failed to Import ESXi iso

    aldiraimLMCO Lurker


      While attempting to create ESXi baseline in VUM I got an error I have not been able to resolve.


      Failed to import data. The uploaded upgrade package cannot be used with VMware vSphere Update Manager


      Reference KB article




      Basically what VMware is saying is the version of VUM and ESXi are not compatible. Here are my versions:


      vCenter Server App (VUM integrated)

      1. 6.5.0, 4602587


      1. 6.0.0, 3620759


      I could not find a compatibility matrix that included vCSA 6.5 or any evidence the systems current versions are incompatible.


      Compatibility Matrix showing VUM  6




      Anyone able to help?