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    Moving of Fusion Application Menu

    BrightShore Lurker

      Have to say, I would like the option to put the Application back up top the way it currently is in 8.5.  Please make this a user-configurable choice.

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          Mikero Master
          VMware Employees

          Noted. What about having it up there do you find useful?

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            SvenGus Expert

            Just IMHO... I would say that having a global Applications Menu in the macOS Menu Bar is a much better option, rather than having it visible only in Unity mode - and only for OSes that support it - in the Dock (where it also looks out of place from a "look and feel" point of view); and this for obvious reasons: first of all, having always accessible options for all VMs in one easily identifiable place, etc. etc.; Parallels, OTOH, doesn't have the global menu, but it adds individual icons and folders for the VMs in the Dock: thus, rather similarly to the current Fusion Applications Menu, but with more visual clutter, so to speak (personally, I prefer the current global "all in one" Fusion Applications Menu).


            Personally, thus, I'd vote for maintaining the current menu (and improve it, if necessary*); or at least give us an option to choose its behaviour (as the OP said)...


            (* For example, the current Applications Menu is fully functional (also with the full applications' listing) only with Windows guests, while Linux and (Mac) OS X/macOS guests only have the basic functions: IIRC, at least Linux used to have more complete support, in previous Fusion versions; so, there could definitely be space for improvements, if possible.)

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              treee Enthusiast

              The menu is always there in whatever application you are currently in and always in the same location. It means that you can quickly control a vm via that menu without having to switch to VMware Fusion first and/or locate the vm you want to control.