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    Overlapping Port groups on a vSwitch?

    freecl Lurker


      I want to use a ASAv to connect an internal management VLAN to many external tenant management VLANs. I do not want to allow traffic to flow between VLANs unless they flow through the firewall. I have six physical NICs (data, dirty internet and management two of ea). Thus, I want all the management VLANs trunked on the same physical NICS and thus same vSwitch. I am trying to avoid  deploying many ASAv's. i.e. ASAv connects a vNIC to each VLAN. Thus, I'd like to trunk multiple external VLANs into the firewall on a single vNIC, whilst, also having the managed tenant VMs connecting to their own VLAN.


      To achieve this, I'd like to create say four port groups:


      VLAN 10 - external tenant 1 management VLANs

      VLAN 11- external tenant 2 management VLANs

      VLAN 10, 11 - external tenant 2 management VLANs Trunk - Firewall

      VLAN 99 - Internal Management


      Can this be done on both standard and distributed vSwitches?