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    Scheduling script ghettoVCB

    ricardoclaus Novice


      I'm having trouble scheduling a sh script in crond.

      My Environment: ESXi 6.0


      In my file: / var / spool / cron / crontabs / root

      I put this line:


      25 13 * * * * /backup/ghettoVCB.sh -g /backup/ghettoVCB.conf -f / backup / vmlistbkp


      In syslog.log I see this:


      2017-08-04T13: 25: 01Z crond [23739929]: crond: USER root pid 23740194 cmd * /backup/ghettoVCB.sh -g /backup/ghettoVCB.conf -f / backup / vmlistbkp


      I have already given execute permission to ghettoVCB.sh

      The backup does not occur when run by crond.

      When you manually squeeze, the backup occurs perfectly.


      Could someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?