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    Compatibility HYPER-V

    jmtella Enthusiast

      Can VMWare coexist simultaneously with HYPER-V on the same host machine and at the same time?



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          fubvmware Enthusiast
          VMware Employees

          Hi jmtella,


          Running Workstation on a Windows host which has Hyper-V enabled is not supported today. This is a nested virtualization across two different hypervisors.


          Out team worked with the corresponding team at Microsoft and recognized this issue. Both parties would like to work together to resolve this issue but we don't have a specific timeline yet.

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            yezdi Master

            by chance if you enabled hyperv role then it can be removed at commandline.


            have a look into the following article


            Running Hyper-V and VMware Workstation on Windows 8.x - IVOBEERENS.nl

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              BFeely Novice

              Unfortunately, Hyper-V is the issue that causes compatibility troubles; to enable Hyper-V (or Device/Credential Guard) your Windows operating system runs under a hypervisor.  This hypervisor is not compatible with the VT-x driver used by VMware in order to virtualize machines.  As already mentioned, VMware needs to work with Microsoft in order to bring the required nested virtualization technology to a future version of Windows 10 so the two products can coexist.

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                ralish Enthusiast

                Thanks for the reply fubvmware. Just wanted to chip-in to say this would hands-down be the most desirable feature for me, as it means we don't need to handle the headache of a separate, less stringent security policy for developer systems which run VMware Workstation. That said, the guest support for VBS which is I expect going to be extremely valuable for testing. Incidentally, can you clarify does the support extend to both Credential Guard and Device Guard or just the former? It's unclear from the What's New document but I'm assuming both?

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                  fubvmware Enthusiast
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                  ralish Great to hear your feedback on the importance for the host VBS support, it's helpful for us to prioritize features.


                  For the guest VBS support, both Device Guard and Credential Guard are supported, looking forward to your testing results and more feedback on the product.